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How I got rid of bad habits

by dnews7

Each person has a set of bad habits that prevent normal existence. And I’m no exception. In different periods of my life, I came across the need to eradicate one or another habit. Since I am a creative person, then deliverance was not quite common.

In the 8th class, I began to bite my nails, and when all the girls began to paint them with red varnish, I had nothing to paint. Locking nails with pepper or mustard did not help me, because I am a big lover of a sharp one (so it was even very tasty). Of course, I would have been very lucky if I had worms, thanks to which I would have disappeared to bite my nails forever, but they stubbornly ignored me. So I decided to try my method. Then no one has heard about nail extension, but there was a fashion for false nails. As a result, I bought the longest, bright purple color, pasted them and began to wait. A week later, I realized that I was glad to get rid of them because I could not normally cut sausage or apples! And once I had to extract a spare nail in the theater and in front of everyone to glue, because I lost my “little finger” somewhere. After that, I stopped gnawing my nails and grew my own, which I wish you!

I also had to eradicate the habit, familiar to everyone – to absorb cakes, chocolate and other sweets in unimaginable quantities. This is not so harmful to health, but for the figure. … Therefore, when one day I did not get into jeans, I decided that it was time to stop. In addition to sports and diets, I had to fight with the desire to grab something sweet. At first, I just bitten a small piece of gingerbread or chocolate (as a result of which there were bitten sweets throughout the house). Then, instead of sweet, I began to eat fruits – because they also taste sweet! And, in the end, I ate 3 for one sitting (!) kg marshmallows. Since then, I have no longer pulling me on sweets -.

I did not like to wash the dishes, and no miraculous agents that split fat, did not cause me any desire to do this. But due to life circumstances, this case had to be loved. I always folded plates in the sink, and in the evening a mountain of dishes accumulated there-and one of her home was sure to wash it. After the guests suddenly came to me, and I almost burned with shame, I just left only 3 plates. Willy-nilly had to wash them, especially in the moments of acute hunger (well, I will not eat from the pan!). Since then, there have been more plates, but I have not been opened from such an honorary duty!

I was constantly late in the morning to study, because I, having turned off the alarm clock, continued to sleep. And no melodies like a pioneering mountain or a bomb explosion helped me. And my valiant conscience slept with me, and therefore my hopes in the evenings, which is still inconvenient before the teachers, did not act on it. Then I just began to literally throw out of bed: I rings the alarm clock, I throw off my blanket and jump out with half -closed eyes from bed. Acts flawlessly – although it is difficult to get used to.

In fact, the fight against bad habits can be cheerful and fascinating. You can always come up with your own way, allowing you to achieve your goal without much effort.

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