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Getting rid of stretch marks after childbirth

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The birth of a child is joy and happiness for any woman. However, pregnancy, childbirth and birth are often associated with many problems, which invariably worry every woman. The appearance of stretch marks on the skin is one of them.

Stretch marks are internal tears on the skin filled with connective tissue. Having first appeared on the body, they usually differ in a violet-red tint. Subsequently, they brighten, acquiring a light pink color or completely bleaching. Most often, stretch marks appear in the abdomen. As a rule, stretch marks on the chest after childbirth are much less common.

First of all, it is worth noting that stretch marks after childbirth can appear due to many reasons. Firstly, this can happen due to the influence of hormones, which increase the sensitivity of female skin to various kinds of influences. As well as due to changes in the activity of cells that produce elastin and collagen-natural substances responsible for the ability of the skin to stretch.

It is also important to understand that even skin with a high degree of elasticity can stretch only to certain limits. For this reason, stretching on the abdomen after childbirth can appear in any woman, after the birth of twins or triplets.

How to remove stretch marks after childbirth

In the event that the appearance of stretch marks could not be avoided, they can simply be made quite less noticeable. As a rule, special creams with the content of biologically active substances are used for this, which are aimed at increasing tone, improving blood supply and nutrition of thinned skin segments. In most cases, the results from the use of the indicated tools become noticeable after three to four weeks.

Also, a contrast shower helps to get rid of stretch marks after childbirth. Due to sharp temperatures, the skin quickly comes into tone, and also becomes more elastic and beautiful.

Asking how to get rid of stretch marks on the skin, many women also decide to go to a cosmetic salon. To eliminate problem areas, some types of massage are used. As a rule, the indicated course is built on a special combination of manual (manual) and vacuum massage.

Recently, such a newfangled way of concern for the skin as wrapping with special types of algae has also been gaining popularity. During this procedure, the skin is saturated with a special group of healing minerals, moistened, and also becomes much more elastic. The course of wraps can be different in duration.

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