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How to choose a beautiful coat right

by dnews7

The coat is always in fashion. The fabrics and materials from which it is sewn are changing, the length and silhouette are changing, but the coat, as a type of women’s clothing, never disappeared from the field of view of fashion.

If you choose the right coat, it will save from the cold, and decorate, emphasizing the dignity and hiding the disadvantages of the female figure. A coat of any style and any length is suitable for high and slender, you can choose everything you like. Those who have half -hearted hips and low growth will suit the coat – trapezoid. This silhouette will hide the excess volume in the thigh zone. And the length to the middle of the knees, which allows to hide their shortcomings, will also visually increase growth. Those who have a large bust, and the hips are narrow, should avoid models with a large decorative trim of the top. A coat of fabrics with a large geometric pattern is also not suitable, it is better to choose “calm” colors. Modern textile industry produces a huge number of fabrics for coats, woolen and half -wool:

The first place in the list is cashmere, very beautiful, warm and light high quality fabric. And everything is high -quality expensive.

Then there are twis. Also warm fabric, but slightly heavy.

A coat made of booklaid wool looks very attractive, but such a fabric is loose and does not retain the shape. So, a coat of “Bukla” fabric will quickly lose its attractiveness. Such a coat can be purchased as an elegant option, and not everyday.

This applies to the velor fabric coat. In tandem with magnificent fur collars, it looks luxurious and is suitable for a “front exit”. To choose the right coat, you need to try it on a thin blouse, but on a warm sweater that you wear in the cold season. Then the chances of making a successful purchase will increase significantly.

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