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Chicken soup-puree

by dnews7

Chicken soup-puree is a soup grated during preparation. It will suit both the child and the adult. When the soup is already cooked, it resembles thick cream in density. In this article, we consider the process of its proper preparation, in which the presence of lumps in the flour and residues from non -wiped ingredients is excluded.  

To prepare chicken soup puree, you will need the following ingredients: chicken meat-500 grams; carrots – 1 piece; onions – 1 piece; egg – 1 piece; flour – 20 grams; butter – 20 grams; cream – 100 grams; salt; parsley.

The meat must be washed under cold water. Then put on the stove and cook until half-and-and.

Peel the carrots, then cut in circles. Then onions – cut it in half rings. Throw the carrots and onions into the boiling meat broth, then cook for twenty minutes. Next, we take out the meat from the broth, separate the bones, remove the skin if it is available. The meat is cut into small pieces, after which it is divided into two parts. We put one of them in the direction, knead the remaining with a mortar, while adding a cold broth until a mass consistency of the gruel is obtained.

Then what we received, we are repeatedly wiped through a sieve. You can, if you want, grind boiled meat with a blender or meat grinder, then add a cooled broth and rub the gruel through a sieve.

Fry the flour until it becomes yellow. Then we cook white sauce using broth and flour after passing. How to do this: make flour in heated broth. We filter it, then mix with a wiped mass. We are waiting for the time to boil.

Then add an egg to the soup, while stir with a spoon all the time. We are waiting again while it boils. When the soup is already ready, you need to add cream and butter, crushed into pieces, then we salt to taste. When we serve on the table, we put boiled meat and parsley cut into the soup with thin slices, which we also did not forget to grind.

We serve the finished chicken soup-puree with croutons or donuts, as you like best. Bon appetit!

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