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How to get rid of toothache at home

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Each of us, at least once in our lives, wondered “how to get rid of dental pain at home?”After all, the tooth can get sick at the very wrong time, late in the evening, in the middle of the night, or in general, when dental care is in principle not possible. For example, in the country, or in the village, or somewhere else. What to do, how to provide an ambulance to your unfortunate tooth?

No need to panic and desperate. Old good traditional medicine will come to the rescue. There are many ways to alleviate the condition with toothache, but it must be remembered that all this is only a temporary delay in the visit to the dentist.

The easiest way that is used for mild pain is to brush your teeth. No need to do this if it hurts not a tooth, but the gums. Maybe it became inflamed, and excess contact with a toothbrush can only worsen the situation. Warm rinses are good, very different: salt solution, tincture of oak bark, chamomile, calendula, or soda solution. Soda solution can also warm the diseased tooth. Water for him must be heated so that it does not burn, dilute soda and hold the solution in the mouth so that a sick tooth is in it.

How else to get rid of toothache at home? You can cut off a small and thin piece of salted fat and attach it to the gum in the area of ​​the sick tooth. You can massage the phalanx of the thumb of the hand from the opposite side: the tooth from the leve is the right hand and vice versa. You can moisten cotton wool with corvalol or shaft and put on a sore tooth.

If all this does not help, look for analgin. A quarter of the tablets must be finely crushed and put on a sore tooth, and another tablet drink. Even if the tooth has passed, and even more so, if it has not passed, hurry up, the dentist is already waiting for you!

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