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The resort of Turkey

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Bodrum Bodrum is one of the most successful projects of the Turkish government, which itself allocated money, and attracted investors for the development of tourism in the southwestern part of Turkey.

The city has a hotel system “Four” and “Five” stars, yacht clubs, discos and water parks. For an intense, unforgettable rest – vigorum, the most attractive place. It is adored by young Europeans and, jokingly, they call it a “European bed”. The nickname went from the consonance of the word “bodrum” with the English sound of the word “bed”.

The climate in the “bed” of the Mediterranean, but softened by the action of the Aegean Sea, the air is healing, and luxurious views of a hundred islands, especially from the side of the yacht or hotel windows, are beyond any expectations.

The place chosen by the Turkish government under business has a long and rich history. Here was once the capital of the Kingdom of Karia-Gelicarnas. Here, for the beloved husband, Tsar Mavsola, one “seven wonders of the world” was built – Gelicarnas Mausoleum. In these places, the war-warrior artemia was the first and the Alexander Macedonian himself fought.

In the 15th century, the city looked for their needs knightly-capitalers from Rhodes. They built a castle dedicated to St. Peter, bearing in mind that this stronghold will open the gates of Asia and conquer Jerusalem. It is very decorating today’s Bodrum landscape. And people who are interested in the Uluburun treasure can also inspect it here.

On the shore of the bay, around which Bodrum was upset, handsome-hotels and orange groves are harmoniously alternated. Discos withstand the theme of the mighty historical past and stylized as Gelicarnassk Mausoleum (the largest disco of Turkey), ancient palaces and Roman terms.

Those who love games with the kingdom of Poseidon offer excellent, equipped beaches. You can order a yacht and all day admire the vigor from the sea. You can go to night fishing or take part in the regatta. But there is also diving, parapropneryism, one of the largest water parks in the country, riding the horses deep into the peninsula, visits to the bazaar and tasting national dishes in exotic restaurants.

The Turkish government has tried, and you just have to reap the fruits of these efforts and spend a vacation that have long been earned, it is here.

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