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How to stop jealous of a husband

by dnews7

You are jealous of your husband to everything, it seems to you that this is from the fact that you love him so much. Look into the eyes of your jealousy, ask her where she came from, and what she wants to achieve. Silent. She will not help you, only you can help yourself. Boil coffee, take something tasty, now you can, and figure out what, to whom and why you are jealous of your husband?

You are jealous of him to the former and there is an occasion? If there is no reason for common thought, calm down. Nothing happened if he met her on the street, greeted and spread in two words. They have a joint business? You don’t want your husband to stay on beans. Another thing is if they often appear together, in different places, if he leaves the room when she calls and returns with a strange, dreamy expression on her face. Did not notice this, then the alarm is false.

You are jealous to work, he disappears there from morning to night! But they pay him for it. You could live with a man who sits on your neck, and asks for money for pocket expenses? No? So what’s the matter, let it work. There are many young and pretty? Pay more attention to your appearance, ask your husband to a corporate party, you need to know the enemy in the face. You will understand everything yourself whether there is a reason for jealousy or not.

You are jealous of him to mom, what to do, try to become better than his mother, just don’t try to talk about it about it. And if no one is better than anyone, no one, congratulations, you live with the Mamenkin son.

You are jealous of the child from your first marriage, throw it, he is just a good father. This should only please, a man who did not throw and did not forget the children after parting with their mother deserves not jealousy, but deep respect. Try to make friends with his children, believe me, this will benefit you and your husband.

You are jealous of friends to be jealous only if he constantly walks around restaurants, saunas and leaves the city with friends, and not to hunt and fishing, but to a boarding house, for example. Nothing like this was noticed? Well, glorious. A man should have friends and he must pay attention to them, within reasonable limits, of course.

To whom you are jealous of your man, remember, if you do it is better than with you, he will not be with anyone anywhere, jealousy of your zilch! If you know that he is inclined to go to the left, either leave or humble. It is impossible to remake an adult man. Work on yourself, your appearance, your body, mind. On the one hand, you will improve, on the other, you will not have time and effort on bad thoughts.

If you repeat my husband all the time about his infidelity, at one time not a great moment, this thought will sit tightly in his head. And the most offensive that you yourself inspired her, like that.

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