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Hunting in the Samara region

by dnews7

Hunting in the Samara region involves compliance with some rules, some of which we will list:

Hunting refers to the persecution of prey in the form of birds and animals, in conditions of wildlife and located at large. At the same time, the presence within the hunting grounds with traps, gunshot or other weapons, as well as with crazy birds or hunting dogs, as well as on public roads – all this falls under the definition of hunting actions or equates to such.

Wild animals discovered in the conditions of the natural habitat make up the so -called state hunting fund.

Hunting lands mean forest, land, water, as well as other similar objects that can serve as a habitat of the hunting fund and serve for the place of hunting.

Specially hunting is regulated in reserves, national parks, green zones and the like. For them, the rules for using the hunting fund are determined separately.

Any citizen of the Russian Federation who has passed hunting standards who has mastered the safety rules during hunting, as well as learned to handle a hunting rifle – T. n. “Hunting” has the right to carry out hunting actions. However, the right to use firearms occurs only after adulthood, if this norm is not canceled under local legislation. The extraction of rats, hamsters, moles and gophers is not at all regulated by applicable laws and can be carried out by any citizens, regardless of their sexual and age -related affiliation.

To persons not citizens of the Russian Federation may also be granted the right to hunt in Russian territory. This is carried out in the manner prescribed by law.

These are the basic rules of hunting in the Samara region.

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