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Hyundai I-Oniq concept car

by dnews7

More recently, Hyundai published the first photo of the new Hyundai I-Oniq concept car, by this morning new images of the South Korean car of the 2013 model year appeared on the network. Now the electric concept can be considered completely not only, on the outside but also inside. As you can see, the Hyundai I-ONIQ has the doors opened up, and the front design is increasingly reminiscent of the design of the Japanese car Mazda3.

Also in the exterior design, you can consider some parts of Aston Martin, Jaguar Model XF and Tesla Model S. The interior design is simply amazing in its futurism, it has practically nothing from the usual Juenocorean car. The steering wheel repeats the design steering F1, in front of the driver is a blue display from which you can read the information, the driver’s place is, as it were, the same solution, we could see the BMW Vision ConnectedDDRive on the German concept frame. Recall that Hyundai I-OniQ is equipped with 1. 0 liter three -cylinder engine and electric motor which is designed for 120 km. We will learn more about the novelty on March 6, after the presentation at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

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