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SPA services in Turkey

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Finally, the long-awaited vacation came, in which naturally the desire of everyone to relax and forget about all the problems.

Rest in Turkey, in a wonderful country, where you can combine rest at sea and SPA procedures, contribute to this.

SPA services have been actively developing in Turkey recently, delighting visitors to the country with modern technologies and high quality.

Turkish SPA salons offer a wide range of services: anti -aging and therapeutic procedures, relaxation, massage and more.

Both around the world and in Turkey, SPA is not just a treatment, but a whole philosophy of a healthy lifestyle.

Useful procedures using thermal and sea water, seaweed and therapeutic mud contribute to improving mood and well -being, and also relieve anxiety and stress.

SPA & Wellness and Hillside Su Delux in Antalya, Kempinski Hotel and The Dome IC Hotels Santai Family Resort are considered good.

The word SPA comes from the Belgian resort called SPA. There, back in the sixteenth century, they began to apply rejuvenation and treatment technologies with plants and healing waters.

SPA in Turkey is also famous for its long history. In ancient times, such a word did not exist here, however, at the turn of our era, Turkish thermal sources were famous throughout Asia.

It was to Turkey that the legendary Queen of Egypt Cleopatra arrived more than once, whose bath has survived to this day. The attraction is located at the oldest resort of Hiraspolis or as it is now called Pamukkale.

River Darnean – a place known for its waters. Ancactive inhabitants of Turkey accepted therapeutic mud baths here.

Women especially love SPA in Turkey due to anti-aging procedures, the effect of which is immediately visible.

SPA in Turkey is a great mood and beautiful well -being, as well as a unique opportunity to relax from the whole body and soul.

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