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Infiniti fx tuning from Lorinser

by dnews7

Personally, I like two things related to cars – these are sports crossovers and tuning. And if these two things are connected into one, then I can say I go crazy. Isn’t the indescribable delight of this tuning of the Japanese crossover Infiniti FX from Lororser. If your answer is not, then I just won’t believe you.

The tuned Infiniti FX is prepared for the SEMA show by masters from the tuning studio Lorinser, which should take place in 2011. The sports crossover received a number of changes that include the installation of a completely new body body kit consisting of the front and rear bumper, side skirts and spoiler. But fortunately, this is not all, also the masters replaced the standard headlights with xenon, the place of ordinary wheels took new, custom-made five-spoke wheels of 22-inchs, cooled in the tires of Continental and in the rear bumper the pipes of exhaust system made of stainless steel are flaunted. The general view of Infiniti FX turned out to be more sports and aggressive. For an additional fee, the masters will be able to change the design of the salon, starting from special bucket seats covered with skin. ending with individual rugs, as they say any whim for your money.

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