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Last generation Golf GTI

by dnews7

Specialists from Schmid Revolution workshop demonstrated their last work on Volkswagen GTI MK5. Sports German hatchback received new body details and an increase in horsepower. It is worth noting that golf, in principle, without any improvements, is quite an attractive and fast car.

But did such arguments ever stopped masters from tuning atelier. After all the efforts, Golf began to look much more sports and aggressive. The body painted black and applied with red accents that claim to be a sports disposition looks great. In addition to the new color, the car received a sports suspension, a new front and rear bumper, double-clocking systems of exhaust system and a new set of wheels with 19-inch discs painted black and red.   As for technical changes, Golf GTI equipped 2. A 0 liter engine received an increase in power, which after the installation of turbocharged began to equal 375 horsepower forces. Acceleration time with 0-100 km/h now takes only 5. 2 seconds, and the maximum speed is 260 km per hour.

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