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Is it always necessary to pay tax from the sale of a car?

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The problem that is necessarily facing any car owner over time is the sale of a car that has already served him. And such transactions, like everyone else for selling property, of course, are taxed by income tax. As you know, the current income tax of individuals is 13 percent.

However, there are factors that can reduce the tax from the sale of a car or completely get rid of its payment. These include: lack of income; the term of ownership of the car; tax deduction.

In the absence of income, the tax amount, of course, will be zero. But in order to confirm it, it is necessary to submit a tax return to the tax office with two copies or originals of sale and sale agreements attached to it. One is about buying a car, the second – about its sale. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the safety of the form of the contract of sale of the car indicating the acquisition of the purchase of a car.

The period of ownership of the car is determined in accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (st. 217 “Revenues that are not subject to taxation (exempted from taxation)”, p. 17. 1) and is considered long if it is three years or more. T. e. In this case, the owner is also exempted from paying tax.

A tax deduction will help those who received income and owned a car for less than three years. Its size is also determined by the Code (st. 220 “Property tax deductions”, p. 1, p/p. 1) and amounts to 250,000 rubles. This amount will be deducted from the cost of the car, and the tax from the sale of the car will be accrued for the remaining. It is clear that if the car is sold for the amount of up to 250,000 rubles inclusive, then it will not be taxed at all. But it should be borne in mind that the tax deduction is provided only once a year.

As for the tax payment, even if the car seller believes that he owes nothing to the tax inspectorate, he still needs to submit a declaration. Only those who have owned a car for more than three years can not serve it.

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