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Italian designers offer – we choose

by dnews7

Fashion is a lady, although capricious, but generous. Its loyalty is confirmed by a noticeably intensified dough in the wardrobe and accessories. Moreover, to be dissimilar to each other with the ONLYATALY network. . It’s not difficult: the Brand Marca Only Italy for this was introduced. Fashion trends only recommend – we are looking for clothes and shoes, taking into account our own appearance and conditions in which we will have to use these things.

Spring-summer 2017-coup or soft changes?

Cool changes in fashion-2017 for the demi-season-summer period leading designers (including the Milan) did not provide: Baroque from the militarians will retain leadership positions. Albeit with other color combinations. Silk with a satin and brocade with jacquard will remain basic textures for female sets, but will change the tonality to a more tender, feminine. Haki with camouflage will smoothly flow into a dark beige wave, with gray variations.

The requirements for fabrics are tightened from the point of view of environmental friendliness-towards the chain of natural wool-slop-slag-lno-and soften in terms of selection of image components. For the pair, “Pants+Skirt” Open Green Street: they can now be worn at the same time. Fashion designers call this combi style differently-ethno, folklore, safari. Supplement such a “double” with a blouse with a vest or a short jacket is a fashionable thing.

How to sew and what they finish: accents and experiments

Wraps-wounds, asymmetry, mesh, patchwork, lace and perforated inserts plus trim from beads, rhinestones, embroidery remain. In dresses, a low waist, a half-luscock skirt, sleeves-backgrounds and cut shoulders dominate. The print is getting larger, peas-zigzag-strips-more popular. Multilayer “bottom”, fantasy patterns, butterfly flowers begin to form a new romantic course “Elven mysticism”.

It seems that the moment has come a fabulous fairy from childhood plots to move to the world of girlish dreams, where every girl yesterday is a beauty and a sorceress. Cuts with drapery, coquetr and strap-melting, hard contrasting straps and fringe-details of the enchantingly beautiful appearance of the sorceress-Fei. And also-air, flying Midi Maxi and a cute dress-coat with the departure “to the floor”. Plus an elegant mermaid style. Getting ready to meet a fairy tale!

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