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Japanese crossover Mazda CX-9

by dnews7

Of course the Japanese Mazda CX-9 crossover was one of the most popular cars in its class, appearing on the European market in 2009. Then, in 2010, the company made a significant update that affected the interior and exterior design. The engineers also have worked significantly on safety systems, brake systems and increased the number of airbags in the basic version. As a result, the car scored the highest ball in the EURONCAP test.

If we talk in more detail about the update, then the Japanese crossover Mazda SC-9 received a new front and rear optics, new fog lights, a new radiator grille and chrome details throughout the body.

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Inside the CX-9 received a new chrome accents in the center of the dashboard of the insert in the doorway. The potential owner is offered a large selection of decoration materials, as well as a large selection of colors. In terms of equipping, the potential owner can choose from the same of the three modifications of Sport, Touring, Grand Touring, which are equipped with 3. 7 liter engine developing about 273 liters. With. and paired with a 6-step automatic transmission.  The cost of the car varies between 31,700 -33,800 US dollars.

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