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Kushadasy – the standard of Turkish tourism service

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Kushadasy, like all Turkish cities, has a magnificent historical basis and grandiose tourist infrastructure.

The Kushadasy resort is located on the west coast of the Poluga Peninsula Malaya Asia. Its shore gently tremble the warm waves of the Aegean Sea. Almost nearby, only 90 km, from it is the Izmir, one of the largest Turkish cities and the most famous monuments of antiquity – the cities of Ephesus and the Ian.

The first to come to this fertile land were ancient Greeks. The flowering of ionic culture is associated with this territory. In those days, Kushadasy was only a small fishing town, darkened by the glory of proud Ephesus. Greeks from here the Persians knocked out. Persians were driven by the troops of Alexander the Great. Of course, that they all left many archaeological monuments that are neatly placed in the city archaeological museum. The role of Kusadasa began to change when the Venetian and Genoese Republic chose a city to promote their trade in the Asian direction. The Turks-Sosmans who came in the 15th century, knocked out of here not Muslims, and founded here a port that was of strategic importance for their dominance in this region.

Today Kushadasy is not fighting, but work exclusively for guests. The shore of a picturesque, curved crescent of the bay is built up with high -class hotels. Before the facade of everyone, they play with lights in the sun, several pools. Mountains and white -sided yachts can be seen from the windows of hotel rooms.

The tectonic structure of the territory gave the region a lot of thermal mineral springs. They beat from under the rocks, healing and rejuvenating the guests of the resort.

It is very convenient, living in Kushadasy, go to see the remains of the former ancient splendor of the hilt and guns. You can go to Izmir. Of course, the bazaar does not reach Istanbulsky, but the area occupies a couple of hectares.

The abundance of guests and products for them made it possible to develop all possible culinary directions to local restaurateurs. Excellent Mediterranean cuisine is presented in every second restaurant located along the Kushadas embankment. But there are still Old Terms of Tea Tea: tea and trays with sweets. There is a pilaf that is prepared on an open fire, how they did it for many centuries in a row. There are restaurants where they offer traditional food for Europeans.

Kushadasy – resort, extremely comfortable. The whole city is busy to meet, feed and entertain guests. Would you like to evaluate their efforts on a 10 -point scale!

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