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Animals in the Samara region

by dnews7

The problem of street animals in Samara is no less relevant than in many other settlements. According to statistics, more and more people are attacked by. Earlier, the leadership of the city hall tried to use completely unacceptable methods for solving this issue, offering residents to participate in catching and giving up dogs and cats, while receiving a monetary reward. Such an anti -human way of cleaning the city caused outrage not only animal protection societies, but also ordinary residents.

The current authorities of Samara, headed by Viktor Tarkhov, who signed a decree regulating the procedure for catching stray animals, which can harm people’s health and lives, approach the problem more professionally. Employees of the Samara City Veterinary Station, with which the municipality signed the contract, having caught and examined the shaggy tramps, they are sterilized, and the patients, after killing, are sent to Dubovo-Umet Vettsanutilzavod for the production of meat-bore flour. The chip is implanted with sterilized individuals, and an individual number for accounting is assigned.

According to experts, despite the fact that animals in the Samara region are sterilized with the use of anesthesia, it is difficult to talk about humanity here. This procedure in Samara is very painful and does not relieve females of attraction to males, although it is cheaper. In addition, the Spetsavtotrans, which was obliged to send dogs to the place of catch, often did not do this, but threw them into the garbage dumps, where they died.

Since 2008 in Samara, the problem of the Zhilider company under the leadership of Nikolai Shumakov took the solution in Samara. However, ecologists insist that it is necessary to deal with the issue of adjusting the number of animals not only to vetings, but also by scientists, and not just to change the “catchers”. After all, animals in the Samara region become vagrant due to the fault of the people themselves, who are thrown to the mercy of the fate of the former furry “pupils”, providing them with food in the form of garbage dumps with food waste. Therefore, an effective result can be expected only when an integrated approach is carried out to this issue.

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