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99 % of the Turks profess Islam, which means that religious rules and norms have an impact on absolutely all spheres of life. At a certain time, the Turks performs a prayer five times daily.

The onset of time for prayer is announced by moujin from mosques. Before entering the mosque, it is necessary to carry out ritual washing of the arms, legs and face, as well as remove the shoes on the threshold of the shrine.

Mosques are almost always open, which makes their inspection for tourists at any time affordable. However, you should not quench your tourist interest during prayer itself and on Friday. It is forbidden to enter into untidy clothes, shirts, shorts, mini-skirts to enter the mosque. Girls are required to cover their heads with a scarf. Inside the shrine, you need to observe the silence.

Residents of Turkey attach great importance to etiquette, so they are always ready to help strangers with politeness. Like another eastern people, the Turks do not tolerate rush, do not differ in punctuality.

The country with special respect for those who know Turkish traditions and are able to say several phrases in Turkish.

In resorts, hotels, shops and restaurants, you can speak in German, English, French and Russian, since employees of public places, as a rule, understand them.

Due to the fact that human images are prohibited by Islam, the Turks are reluctant to take pictures of themselves. However, with a friendly request, you can get a permit for photography.

During the shopping, the rule works: in stores prices are fixed, and bargaining is appropriate in the markets and bazaars, which can reduce the price of the goods by sometimes double.

In Turkey, both religious and public holidays are celebrated. The most significant holidays are the New Year, National Independence Day, Victory Day over the Greek Army, Youth and Sports Day, the Day of the Republic of Republic.

During the celebration of the Ataturka Memory Day, the first president of the country, Turkey freezes in the morning for one minute in silence.

As for religious holidays, in view of the fact that they are celebrated according to the lunar calendar, they do not have a fixed date.

The most significant religious holiday is Ramadan – a month during which the inhabitants of Turkey do not drink and do not eat from dawn until evening prayer. Other important holidays are Kurban-Bayram, Sheker-Bayram.

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