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Manhart modified BMW M5

by dnews7

German tuning atelier Manhart came close to finalizing the sports sedan BMW M5 F10. Manhart worked on the engine, appearance and on the exhaust system of the German sports sedan, it is worth noting that after the work done, the car began not only to be more sports, but also to demonstrate excellent dynamics. By the way, recall for milestones of M-series lovers that recently preliminary BMW M6 Grancoupe 2013 photos appeared on the Web.

As for improvements from a technical point of view, experts have worked on a power unit and now it is able to give out 633 horsepower and 780 nm of torque. T. e. it turns out that a modernized version of 73 liters. With. and 74 nm more powerful than the standard BMW M5 F10. According to the representatives of the Manhart tuning room, that this is only the first stage of the settings, they have plans to increase engine performance to 670 horsepower and 735 nm of torque. In addition to the engine, specialists worked on the exhaust system and suspension of the German sports sedan, as a result of which the BMW M5 is able to overcome the first hundred km/h in just 4. 4 seconds, and the maximum speed remained limited by electronics at a mark of 250 km/h. Of the external features of a modernized car, it is worth noting new 20-inch alloy wheels in front and 21-inch behind, as well as a new front and rear bumper. Unfortunately, the cost of work is still not reported.

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