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Qicoria useful properties

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Cicoria has beneficial properties due to its rich composition. He finds the widest application in folk medicine, for medical purposes they use the root of chicory.

Cicoria has beneficial properties primarily for diabetics, since in the root of chicory contains insulin, in nutrition for people with diabetes it replaces starch and sugar. For pharmaceuticals, an important role is played by the content of intibade glycoside in chicory, which prevents tachycardia and helps to expand blood vessels. In addition, chicory has beneficial properties for the nervous system, since it has a sedative effect. In Tsikoria, the high content of vitamins such as in and s, carotene.

For tribe medicine, it has beneficial properties as an antimicrobial and astringent. Often, chicory decoctions are often used, as well as tinctures that help improve digestion and increase appetite.   But these are far from all the advantages of chicory. It is an excellent tool for diseases of the kidneys, liver, spleen.

Cicoria manifests beneficial properties as a general strengthening agent. It is also used for tumors, eczema, old wounds. For this, an alcohol infusion of chicory is made.

Cicoria also has beneficial properties for coffee lovers, since it is an excellent substitute, a cicory drink is very useful, it helps to enhance the activity of the heart, gives vigor, dissolves and helps to remove the gallstones.

Tsikoria is often added to medications, since chicory has beneficial properties that are indispensable as antimicrobial, anti -inflammatory, soothing, diuretic, choleretic, enhancing appetite. Tsikoria contributes to the regulation of metabolism, and also acts as antipyretic and vasodilating.

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