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We care for the skin in the cold

by dnews7

Cold occurs, which means that with them there is a need to especially carefully care for the skin of the face and hands. After all, it is these parts of the body in the cold season that are constantly under the negative impact of the environment, so they need special protection. Do not think that it will cost great efforts and costs – simple and pleasant cosmetic procedures will give a lot of positive emotions and make the skin a healthy and radiant.

Hands are exposed to cold daily, which negatively affects their condition: dryness, cracks appear, in a word, they lose their beauty. Therefore, a course of polyvitamins must be a course that helps improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It is necessary to purchase a massage hand for hands containing a whole gamut of useful substances. It is better to use it before bedtime, applying a few drops on each hand and slowly rubbing into the skin from the middle of the palm to the fingertips. The skin will answer you with gratitude!

Do not forget about the nails: in pharmacies and stores a wide range of special tools for caring for them is presented. Particularly popular is oil containing vitamins A, e. It nourishes the nail plate, softens the cuticle and improves the appearance of the nails. A great option is to make baths for hands and nails using olive oil, which is heated to a comfortable temperature. This procedure is especially useful for those who have very dry hands.

Hand creams should be replaced with more fat, creating an invisible protective layer in hand. They are quickly absorbed and do not leave fat traces, and the skin is reliably protected from cold winds and a cold!

If your hands can be protected by gloves, then the face is constantly in the wind, which very negatively affects its condition. Therefore, for some time it is worth forgetting about tonics and lotions (especially if they contain alcohol) and remove makeup only with the help of cosmetic milk or cream. They not only cleanse the skin well, but also moisturize it. In the morning, be sure to apply a nourishing day cream to avoid dryness and irritation. True, you should not do this five minutes before going outside – moisture contained in the cream will not have time to completely evaporate, which means that your skin will once again experience discomfort.

Take your beloved and nourishing face masks that can be prepared independently or purchased in any store. Try to add olive oil or honey to feed the skin a little. If the skin is very peeling, then you can prepare a mask with a Hercules: 2 teaspoons are poured with kefir until liquid gruel is obtained. Believe me, the skin will be happy!

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