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Of course, every person who regularly rests in resorts knows that there are many beautiful places in the world in which you can spend an amazing rest that is memorable for life. In fact, in every country there are enough such towns, but there are special, which are distinguished among others, for example, the resort of Mariana straps. It is known not only with a mountain climate, but also in the purest air, as well as the most beautiful landscapes that retain their attractiveness at any time of the year. But this does not attract many, many tourists here, but the fact that there are more than a hundred mineral springs within the city, and the composition of the water is different. There are about forty of them in the city itself, so it is not surprising that there are many sanatoriums and medical centers here.

Having decided to improve your own health, you must remember that, since the chemical composition of mineral springs is quite different, they treat different diseases. For example, a crusade, along with the source of Ferdinand, is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, allergies, as well as metabolic disorders. The Rudolf source contains a large amount of calcium, which allows it to be used to treat osteoporosis, however, only as additional therapy, and kidneys. Well, if you have hypertension, joints hurt, there are problems with the heart, then you should use the therapeutic effect of the source of Maria.

The resort of the Marianian climbing can boast of the presence of a children’s sanatorium, which is called Viramont, which was erected in the forest and is located about one kilometer from the central part of the city. It works throughout the year, the course of treatment for schoolchildren is 5-6 weeks, while they organize training sessions, of course, in the Czech language.

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