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Rest in Barcelona spring

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If you are going to spend your vacation in Barcelona, ​​then you have already found out that during the “hot season” there are a lot of tourists in this city, respectively, you should go here in the spring, for example, in April, when the sun is already quite warm, so that you could take sunbathing on the beach, but not too hot. But the most important thing is that a vacation in Barcelona will not be overshadowed by numerous travelers in the spring, who, like you, try to visit all the significant places of the city and have been rashes on the beach in the morning.

Be sure to take a walk along La Rambla Street, which is the main street of the city, where you are waiting for the most diverse goods. So, there is a bird market, and newspaper kiosks with tobacco stalls, and the seafood market, and numerous cafeterias with flower shops. In a word, on this street you can buy, perhaps, anything. If you have time, then walk along the local streets where you will find many interesting houses and other buildings erected in an unusual style for Europe, namely modern, which leads from Gothic.

In the old port, you will find a statue of Columbus, which has a tiny observation deck – you can get to it with a small elevator. Interestingly, because of the wind, the column column can sway quite hard.

Of course, rest in Barcelona in the spring, and at any time of the year, too, it is completely impossible to imagine without visiting the Gothic quarter, where old houses are located, decorated with the emblems of noble families, orange trees with high palm trees, various colors, as well as patterned lattices. Royal Square is famous for unusual forged lanterns that Gaudi created.

And finally, visit Montzhuik Mountain, with which the best views of the city are opening. In addition, you can also take a walk around the botanical garden there.

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