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Moscow road marking will make LEDs

by dnews7

The Russian company, entitled Rusnano, is going to supplement the road marking of the capital in the near the future in the nearest streets and highways with special LED bulbs. According to the program called “Innovation Road”, the LED markers are planned to be tested within Pyatnitskaya Street on white dividing stripes, as well as near road sections that pose a danger to motorists. Markers will have two colors: white for the passing direction of movement and red, for oncoming direction of car movement.

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Two and a half billion rubles, it is this one that will be laid in the budget if the city authorities want to equip all the roads of the capital with such LED elements with such LED elements.

LED markers can eat not only from the electric network, but also from batteries. In this case, the battery is able to charge in just a couple of hours and work out for more than a hundred hours in active mode. However, it is worth noting that in bad weather, LED bulbs running from the battery will shine less brightly than bulbs that feed from the electric network.

The installation of one LED light bulb costs about a hundred US dollars, which is equivalent to three thousand rubles, therefore, if these LED elements are located at a distance of six meters from each other, then only on the equipment of Pyatnitsky Street, the length of which is equal to two kilometers, you will have to spend about three million rubles.

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