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Russian tourists found the replacement of Turkey and Egypt

by dnews7

The demand by 10-15% for trips to Thailand, by 5% for trips to India and Vietnam, has also increased, by 3% for traveling to Israel.

The Association of Tour Operators of the Russian Federation (ATOR) told about increasing the interest of Russians in the Middle East and Asian directions, writes LuxSpeed. ru – all about luxury cars.

On November 6, the air service with Egypt was stopped after the Kogalymavi flight, which transported 217 tourists from Sharm El Sheikh to St. Petersburg, crashed.

After the prohibition of the sale of tours to Turkey and Egypt, Russian tourists began to look for alternative directions and drew attention to the resorts of Vietnam, India, Thailand and the UAE.

But the calculation for domestic tourism did not justify, according to Maya Lomidze, the head of the ATOR, the demand for it remains at the same level. Its share is not at least 2% of all requests, tour operators note, predicting that in the winter season, demand will collapse in overseas directions for 40%. According to Momondo, interest in Antalya hotels increased by 20, 4%.

It is noted that the number of citizens of Russia who independently organize a vacation in Turkey is growing.

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