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Sandwriters with a paste composition of sandwiches with a paste:

by dnews7

1 loaf



Liver sausage or paste (any except fish)

Boiled eggs


Green onions

To prepare sandwiches with a paste, a piece of the loaf must be cut from all sides so that in the end we have a rectangle that looks like a bar. Next, we cut the resulting block of the loaf on the horizontal plane into three equal pieces. For each piece, we smear a little butter and put in the oven so that our loave bars are browned. After the oven we are waiting for the loaf to cooled under a sandwich, and water it densely with mayonnaise.

We take the Liverka (Liver Sausage) or your favorite paste, mix with butter in a 2/1 proportion. Of course, the oils are 1 part, and the paste or Liveri is 2. From the resulting mass, roll the rollers with a thickness of 2-3 cm and put one such roller on each piece of loaf.

Sandword decorations. On both sides of the paste there was free space. We decorate one side with chopped eggs (do not forget to cook them before that), and on the second side a piece of bacon, folded in half.

After we finished decorating the sides, we take some dumb object (you can a finger or knife handle) and draw in the middle. Pour green onions into the resulting deepening, which we pre -chop.

The resulting sandwiches with a paste is cut across into pieces of 3-4 cm wide and we are happy to eat!

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