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Pilaf with mushrooms

by dnews7

In order to prepare a delicious and fragrant lean pilaf with mushrooms with your own hand: you need: 300 g of rice cereals up to 100 g of fragrant vegetable oil, 2 medium-sized carrots, 2-3 small bulbs, about 400 g of any fresh mushrooms (I take ordinary champignons) , 1-2 hours. l. salt, spices for pilaf (zira, turmeric, coriander, barberry, pepper), a couple of cloves of garlic. To business: first we will well wash the rice several times so that the pilaf turns out. Then pour it with boiled warm water and set aside to the time. Now let’s take care of the roasting: we cut it small and chop the carrots. Fry, often stirring, in hot oil. Time to add to future pilaf mushrooms will come when the carrots become soft. Crushed mushrooms. Cut the mushrooms with thin plates. Now fry the vegetable and gear mixture until the moisture is completely evaporated, which the mushrooms will initially emit. Then, embankment into the stewpan, the dried rice and the scalp for several minutes in oil with mushrooms, after a lot of boiling water (approximately 0, 5 liters) and tap the mixture under the cover of 15 minutes. Saul, add to pilaf with spice mushrooms, mix the pilaf with a spatula, toss again and tap it until cooked (another 15 minutes).

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