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Skin care in the summer

by dnews7

Perhaps not the right time to write about how to properly care for the skin in the summer, nevertheless, I decided to finish a series of articles regarding, in one way or another skin care, in any case, temporarily, and therefore decided to write the last article this series – skin care in the summer. Summer is the hottest time of the year when our skin is most often exposed to severe exposure to the sun. Do not burn! Here it is the basic rule that must always be performed if possible.

The fact that cream for tanning and from tanning must be used knows. Nevertheless, sometimes questions arise. One of these is: is it possible to use cream for tanning, which was bought last year? The answer is simple – look at the expiration date, but it happens that it is erased or it is not at all. Then focus on the fact that the active components that protect the skin remain for about three years. But here you need to carefully monitor the “type” of the cream, if it has changed, it is better to throw out the cream and buy a new one.

This year, in the summer I came across the tablets “Protection from the Sun”. For a long time I did not believe that they work and are really able to help. As it turned out at the very beginning of the tan – no, they can’t, but when your skin is covered with a light shade of tanning, then you can safely take pills instead of sunscreen cream. But to be honest, I did not like the idea to drink chemistry from the sun.

If suddenly you have irritation on the cream – change it urgently, do not save! You will get much more problems if you do not change during. In addition, it is recommended to change to less fat cream. The question also quite often arises whether SPFINGRIENTS ARE ARE OF THE STATE. In general, this is a fairly rare property of sunscreen creams. However, if you suddenly suspect that the reason is the reason for this, try to use the cream instead of SPF-engagements that contain zinc or avobenzone.

Once upon a time, I tried a car zagar. I can’t say anything good about him, although maybe I just used it wrong. But I considered that since I did not get a natural tan, then I won’t recommend it better to others.

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