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The attractions of Cappadocia

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Cappadocia is one of those places that there are no analogues either in Turkey or in the world.

The landscape of the terrain is so unusual that during the stay in Cappadocia, you get the impression of visiting another planet. Its phenomenon lies in the fact that landscapes are natural formations formed in antiquity in view of the most powerful eruptions at the same time several volcanoes.

Frequent change of local climate, as well as the impact of water and wind, significantly contributed to the creation of an unusual and amazing landscape of Cappadocia.

So, numerous rocks often resemble mythical monsters or fairy -tale heroes.

The so -called “mushrooms” make an indelible impression even on an experienced traveler. They are cone -shaped cliffs that crown “hats” – pieces of mountains of a different color.

The history of the area is amazing, like its landscape. The first settlers of Cappadocia were the Persians who arrived here during the reign of Tsar Darius. It was then that the areas gave the modern name, which in Russian means “the edge of beautiful horses”. Locals raised their best horses for cavalry legendary Darius.

An amazing attraction of the region are entire cities cut down in the rocks, which were made by Christians, who were saved here in the first century of our era from persecution.

Such cities are surprised by the fact that there is everything here – from houses and shops to churches and temples. Some cities have up to ten levels in depth, and individual water supply and ventilation systems are currently working. The second name of Cappadocia is clear – Fei country.

Excursions on intra -district cities are dipped into an atmosphere of antiquity, allowing you to imagine what the life of Christians surviving in Cappadocia and trying to maintain their beliefs and culture.

Even the most sophisticated tourist is surprised at the beauty of the temples and churches of the region, of which there are more than five hundred. In some of them, the saints Pavel and Peter read the sermons themselves. It is no coincidence that the beauty of the shrines of Cappadocia is put on a par with the famous churches in the city of Peter, Jordan, which were also cut down in the rocks.

There are several places in the region of Cappadocia from which the amazing beauty of the panorama opens. Inspection of an unusual landscape from a height gives a feeling of absolute unreality of the observed, since the phenomenon of Cappadocia is truly unique and amazing.

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