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The best SPA resort

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In total, 133 kilometers from the Bulgarian capital, the city of Sofia, is perhaps the best SPA-resort of the country-Velingrad, which was founded at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. He is famous for a pleasant, quite cool climate, thanks to which, resting in Sofia in the summer, you can take a break from the strangling heat of the capital of Bulgaria, especially since you can get to the resort city in just two hours by car. However, he gained the greatest fame thanks to 80 mineral springs, which are located on its territory. They say that they are able to cure literally any disease.

Many giant hotels grew quite quickly in Velingrad. True, choosing a hotel, you should carefully study all possible information about it as possible, since some local hotels have a proud name of the SPA center only because there are basins with mineral water in their territories. However, there are hotels here that can compete with the best SPA resorts in the world in terms of the level of services provided.

Nevertheless, the best SPA-resort of Bulgaria was not at all thanks to modern hotels-such popularity was brought to him by a little updated old baths, which occupy, even dilapidated, but incredibly charming buildings. By the way, it is worth visiting the ruins of ancient Kupalen, which were built by the Romans.

However, the resort has some disadvantages. So, there are practically no evening with night entertainment, and there is also a clear lack of restaurants. Some tourists advise paying attention to cats that live near the restaurant you have chosen – if there are several and they are well -fed, then the institution is quite good, and you will be tasty and satisfying there.

And do not forget to visit the lake of Kleptuz, which is the largest karst source on the Balkan coast. For convenience, there are several restaurants with bars on its shore.

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