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A pie with cabbage

by dnews7

Cabbage pie – a traditional dish of many peoples. Long centuries in Germany, the Czech Republic, Holland, France, every family holiday prepared a pie with cabbage.



200 g of mayonnaise

200 g of sour cream

4 eggs

2 cups of flour

0, 5 teaspoon of soda to extinguish with vinegar


cabbage (to taste)

Eggs to taste

Onions (to taste)




Cabbage, you need to prepare the filling. Chop the cabbage, finely chop the onion. For the filling, you need to fry the onion. Next, add cabbage to the same pan and fry it a little (or rather warm it up). Then add pre -beaten eggs to this vegetable stew. Mix the contents of the pan well well (before the egg has time to curl up).

For the test, you need to mix all the ingredients and get the dough similar to a thick sour cream.


In a greased form, lay out half the dough, then the filling of cabbage and the remaining dough on top. We put the resulting puff pie with cabbage in the oven (oven). Hold it there until the formation of golden crust. We take out a pie with cabbage, cool and serve to the table! Bon appetit!

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