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The cabbage rolls are meat

by dnews7


0, 3 kg of beef meat

0, 8 kg of white cabbage (sheets should be whole)

half a glass (100 milliliters) rice

1 head onion head

2 tablespoons of butter oil


Black pepper



First, we make minced meat on the cabbage cabbage meat. To do this, thoroughly twist all 300 grams of meat through a meat grinder. By that time, the rice should already be cooked and cool. Grind the onion so that it can not be discouraged, and pass it over low heat. When this is done, we put beef, cold rice and golden onion in one dish. Sprinkle all this with salt and black pepper (to taste). Be sure to mix well the resulting “porridge-little man”.

To wrap meat cabbage cabbage, we take the cabbage on the sheets. We neatly put these sheets in a large pan and cook for 5-7 minutes (we put the leaves immediately in boiling water). When the specified time passes, take out the leaves and cool them. If the leaves have too thick stems, then in order to easily roll meat cabbage rolls, beat the stems with a hammer to the thickness of the sheet. We only do it extremely carefully so as not to break the sheets.


In the prepared sheets of cabbage, we apply minced meat. Then we wrap meat cabbage cabbage so that small bars are obtained. Next, we put these bars in a pan and fry. After a short frying over low heat, we transfer the cabbage rolls into a pan and season them with a sauce (to taste) or water. We put it on a small fire again and, without closing the pan, stew the cabbage cabbage meat a little more than half an hour. Serve on the table with sour cream or with mayonnaise.

Bon appetit!

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