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Obligating eyelashes

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Caring for extended eyelashes will not seem something too complicated if you know the main rules. Remember that each artificial cilia is a continuation of your own, so caring for laveled eyelashes is a small addition to your daily toilet.

Two to three weeks will last you overhead eyelashes with proper operation. Unfortunately, even super -care for extensions is not able to increase this period. Such a time lasts for the age of your real cilia, on which the artificial. However, if you want to support the glamorous appearance of your eyes constantly, then the best care of the extended eyelashes is correction every 10 days.

Well, all this time, it is necessary to conduct supportive care for the extended eyelashes at home. The most important recommendation is not to use mascara. Believe me, your eyelashes are already sufficient length and density to weigh them with paint. In addition, washing the carcass negatively affects the adhesive basis of the eyelashes.

Caring for nervous eyelashes eliminates the use of fatty remedies to remove makeup from the eyes. Your daily for the skin around the eyes must be applied accordingly to the name – around the eyes. Absorbed into the capillaries, he will fall into all cells of the skin, even in the century.

Caring for extended eyelashes requires a careful attitude during washing, sleeping, dressing contact lenses. Freeded eyelashes do not like high humidity and temperature. For this reason, you should not go with extended eyelashes at sea. And when visiting the sauna, try not to touch your eyes with your hands.

In no case do not try to make artificial eyelashes. This can simply break them and then no care for the extended eyelashes reanimes them. If it seems to you that you are not beautiful enough, ask the master to choose more curved bundles for you.

Caring for nervous eyelashes provides for minimal intervention, initiative in this case will only harm. But if you need to urgently remove the cilia – apply oil on the growth of hair, it is advisable to leave it all night. Wash the sutra and get your eyes with a napkin.

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