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The cheapest sedan with an automatic box

by dnews7

In recent years, the streets of large cities have been filled with kilometer traffic jams and work with the clutch and switching of gears began to get bored more and more often. We will not be given in details and conduct an analysis which of the transmissions is better and more convenient, everyone chooses what exactly he likes. We only want to present one of the most budgetary foreign cars in the back of the sedan with an automatic gearbox or as it is also called the “automatic” sold in Russia.

ZAZ Chance sedan (Zaz Cans) with a four -stage automatic box went on sale in November. The price of a car amounted to about 350,000 rubles, which makes this car the most affordable foreign car equipped with a “automatic” in the Russian Federation. Equipped with Zaporozhets 1. 4 liter engine with a power of 101 liters. With. and 131 nm torque. As for the dynamic characteristics, the ZAZ Chance with an automaton accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 12, 1 seconds, the maximum speed is 170 km/h/h. The potential owner will be offered to choose three modifications S, SE and SX. The cost of the top equipment SX starts from a mark of 390 00 rubles. And we all continue to wait for domestic cars to be equipped with an automatic transmission, the first such car should be the new budget model Lada Granta.

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