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Breads with cod and caviar liver

by dnews7

Composition 6 sandwiches:

6 bread

1 Bank of the liver of the quantity

6 dessert spoons of caviar caviar or pikes

6 tablespoons of potato puree

Shitt-Luk (special thin onion)

a little black pepper


First of all, you need to prepare the liver cod. The preparation is as follows: we open several layers of a paper towel and put on the table, then we take out the liver from the jar and put on the prepared paper towel (you can use dense white cloths). These manipulations are needed so that the glass is all excess oil. Important: a sieve or colander for these purposes will not work, since the towel absorbs oil from the surface of the liver liver.


While the oil flows from the liver, we take the bread and cover with a layer of potato puree (1 tablespoon per 1 bread). Sprinkle the resulting sandwich, previously chopped with a chnat-onion. Add pepper. Next, pick up the dessert spoon of the game and put it on the sandwich (do not smear it, a bunch should turn out). Nearby lay out the liver of cod in the same way. As a result, in the center there should be two heaps: from the liver of the serpent and from the caviar.

A delicious day!

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