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The history of fur fashion

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Looking at the luxurious beauties, dressed in expensive mink, fox, chinchilla fur coats, it is unlikely that anyone comes to anyone that the skins of these animals had saved primitive man from the cold. All this was so long ago. But namely, that time was the beginning of the emergence of a fashionable fur industry, about which then people did not even assume anything. Of course, those gorgeous models that offer the salons of fur products today are not compared with those modest outfits that saved lives to primitive people.

The fur fashion, which appeared at the dawn of the development of human society, was simple and primitive. Various fur products were used first as a necessary attribute, which saved from cold and other negative factors. Later a new status was given Mehu. He became the subject of luxury. In men of the rich class, the first raincoats with a fur lining appeared, and noble ladies adorned their long dresses with a pattern of squirrel skins. And although all this looked simple and modest, new outfits came to the taste of the nobility.

The Renaissance made a jump in the fashion world, but no one knew about fur coats from a cut rabbit yet. The fur, which was a symbol of power, strength, began to be used mainly in men’s clothing. Know just shocked each other with expensive outfits. Fur coats and hats began to appear, which became the subject of the pride of rich husbands. Then the fur products became a dream and an object of envy of women. They dreamed of expensive capes that would decorate their fragile shoulders. And I didn’t have to wait long. In the wardrobes of the rich ladies, squirrels, sables of stoles, fur collars, decorated with muzzles and paws of animals began to appear. The fur not only came into fashion, demand appeared for him, he became the subject of trade, which received a fairly high price. On Sobol, fox, beaver, widespread hunting has already been constantly carried out.

Russian furs gained great popularity and glory. They were driving from all countries, they became pride and the subject of luxury. The greatest demand was black fur coats, sable products and ermine, foxes, beaver and martens. Enterprising merchants traded them far beyond the borders of the state.

Active Americans decided to correct this situation and opened a profitable business for the production of fur. In the 19th century, farms appeared, the main occupation of which was the cultivation of fur animals. Fur products became more affordable, soon they migrated from the ocean and to Europe. Russia, famous for its fur coats, has lost a leading position for a while. Starting from this time, the first animal households began to appear, which could already supply this material on request. Fashion acquires a new face. The fur tries to be original. The methods of its processing have changed. There were fur coats from a cut rabbit. The twentieth century gave products that amaze with their unusualness.

Fashion shows in Paris and Milan confidently assign the role of the leader. Elegance and originality are distinguished by black

Mink fur coats, coat from chinchilla, karakul, blackburn, which are represented in world markets.

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