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How to save on vacation in Turkey?

by dnews7

Before going to Turkey, you should stock up on dollars. The euro is less preferable, since the cost of goods and services in the country is indicated in dollars, and the exchange rate of the European currency is significantly different from the present, and is simply disadvantageous for tourists.

At the same time, surrender from the euro will be given in American dollars in a ratio of 1: 1. The Turkish lyre will come in handy to someone who is going to explore the Turkish hinterland. The dollar is quoted there, but they will not always be able to find change.

Do not neglect the trade. For Turkey, bargaining is familiar and appropriate almost everywhere. In order to bring down the price, you should follow the following rules:

It is kind to smile.

Welcome the seller in his native language (“Miraba!”, Stress on the last syllable).

Restraint emotions. The seller should not guess that the goods like.

Start bargaining with one dollar, even if its real cost is a thousand times more.

Do not quickly increase the price.

If the merchant says that he can no longer give in, it means that his revenue will be 100%. In this case, focus that you increase the price, and he does not want to bargain anymore.

In the case of buying several things at the same time, it is worth bargaining first for one of them. Further, the bargain is carried out according to the same principles.

Effective argument – leave. In this case, the seller may begin to be angry and offer the goods for your last price, or the seller’s assistant will catch up with you and offer a lower price. The option is possible that no one will run after you. In this case, it is reasonable to walk, and after some time return and continue bargaining. The merchant will definitely remember the buyer and the price at which the bargain was stopped.

For many, Türkiye is inextricably linked with shopping. If the plans have the purchase of a fur or leather product, you should not go after it on a free bus.

Such transport is a guarantee that the buyer will be brought to the most expensive retail outlet. The organizer of such a trip will receive a dollar from the merchant for each potential buyer brought.

In order to call home, it is better to use the negotiation point equipped with an IP telephone.

No need to take textiles to the country, products from which in Turkey are many times cheaper than at home.

Electronics prices, on the contrary, are very high. So, for example, ordinary batteries will cost, at least five dollars.

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