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The lover of the sun

by dnews7

You like to relax on the beach? Want to find a perfect resort for relaxation? Then you are simply obliged to at least once visit Almeria, who was not just called the mistress of the sun. You will be pleased with the magnificent beaches covered with soft sand of golden color, and excellent conditions for classes by a wide variety of water sports. However, the best here is, of course, the affectionate sea, the water temperature of which throughout the year does not fall below 18 degrees of heat, so you can swim both in the summer and in winter!

A large number of resorts are located on the coast, moreover, it all consists of resort settlements alone. Local resorts boast the presence of both spacious and very small beaches, where you can easily find a secluded place. It is also worth noting resort hotels with villas: all villas are successfully inscribed in the landscape, and hotels have both shady parks in which tourists can walk and pools in their territories. Some hotels are stylized as ancient palaces, and in any hotel you will be offered a variety of entertainment and pleasure.

The lover of the Sun, however, can offer not only beach resorts – in this area there is a ski resort located at the tops of Sierra Nevada. By the way, he is the largest similar resort throughout Spain.

Beautiful landscapes, interesting attractions, including natural ones, which includes the Almeral desert with its lunar landscape, where, by the way, various adventure films were shot … All this and much, much more awaits you in Almeria. And you can also diversify your vacation not only by inspection of attractions, but also by visiting local souvenir shops – the fact is that there are many popular fishing items in the region. You can find Almeral shawls made by ancient traditions here, and wicker products with ceramic dishes, and antique wonders. Note that it is most profitable to buy souvenirs in mobile markets “Mercadillos”, since the goods are offered at very reasonable prices here.

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