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The most popular professions of 2009

by dnews7

The most popular professions of 2009 became the need for residents of Russia in connection with the crisis that has touched almost all areas. The most popular professions can be called the following: drivers of buses, trams, taxis, workers in utility rooms, cleaners and cleaners, chefs, movers, sellers, cruer, wipers and carpenters, electricians.

As for the rest of the areas, this includes an engineer, accountant, doctor, consultants of all stripes, teacher, advertising and insurance agents, marketer, manager. However, the listed professions can still be attributed with a stretch to the most. The fact is that managers, for example, have an unstable profession due to competition in the market. Consultants are also not in chocolate, since in many stores the range of goods has greatly reduced, and there is practically nothing to offer them. Advertising and insurance agents are completely dependent on the percentage of sales and transactions. And at present, most companies are trying to save on advertising their products.

Despite all this, not without the share of irony, you can cite a list of the most popular and necessary professions during the crisis:

1) a psychoanalyst – most residents of our vast country need qualified psychological assistance;

2) matchmakers and Internet dating sites;

3) obstetricians in connection with renewing birth rate;

4) healers and seer. Almost half of the Russian population addresses them in many respects;

5) baker and cook. Despite the crisis situation, many restaurateurs open new cafes;

6) fashion designers specializing in sewing clothes for dogs;

7) hairdressers for four -legged pets;

8) Personal coach and instructor in the fitness center. There is a small reservation here: if there is something to pay for his consultation.

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