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The more we are more angry, the more lusts?

by dnews7

Anger is a rather interesting emotion from the point of view of psychology. On the one hand, it can be perceived negatively, however, as scientists from the Netherlands claim, there is a charm in anger. It turns out that if the object causes us anger, we want to possess them much more, and the desire to possess is a positive emotion. Oddly enough, but anger is still associated with positive emotions. It activates areas in the left side of the brain that are responsible for positive emotions, and is also an incentive to possess the desired object. People want to possess something, because it brings them pleasure, the researchers from the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) have studied the influence of anger on the desire to possess an object. During the experiment, volunteers showed images of objects such as a cup or pencil. For a split second, before the image of the image on the computer screen, a picture with a neutral, frightened or angry face flickered in front of the subjects. Each emotion was tied to a specific object. When the volunteers were interviewed, what subject they would like to have, it turned out that the object that was associated with an evil face was more desirable for them. Interestingly, although fear is also a negative emotion, objects associated with fear did not cause the subjects of great interest. “All this makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. For example, primitive people who associate the production with anger turn their aggression into action, receive food first and survive in the struggle for existence, ”the authors of the work explain.

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