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The pearl of the Czech Republic

by dnews7

Probably, in every country you can find a world -famous place. Karlovy Vara is a real pearl of the Czech Republic, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that everyone heard about this resort city. Erected him in an incredibly beautiful valley that the forests surround. The history of Karlovs Varov has more than a century – the city was founded by Emperor Charles IV back in the XIV century. Initially, only a hunting house of the emperor was built here, but the resort itself appeared quite quickly. Such rapid development is due to the fact that about 60 healing sources are located in the city, however, only 20 of them are used to treat diseases.

The pearl of the Czech Republic, however, cannot boast of long and warm summer, but, on the other hand, they come here for other purposes, since the city has a large number of interesting attractions and, of course, therapeutic centers.

Karlovy Varya is known for a unique landscape, because the local quiet streets with parks and forests amazingly complemented by the architecture of the XIX century. It is interesting that it was in this century that the final image of the settlement was formed, which tourists can now observe. And one of the most famous attractions is the castle erected in 1608 at the very place where the hunting house of Charles IV was built. This building was erected on a hill, and at the foot of this hill there is another interesting structure – the house of three Moors.

For vacationers, the fact that every year in Karlovy Varas various festivals, in particular, the International Film Festival, attracting a large number of famous actors, directors and other cinema figures are played.

But, of course, the most important thing is healing sources. Tourists who have decided to improve their health go through special procedures, which include combining baths, some are prescribed drinking mineral water.

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