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Luxgen7 crossover and Luxgen7 MPV Elegance

by dnews7

Luxgen Motors presented the public for two special publications for a car show in Taiwan. Both cars, although they are represented in different bodies, both of them are built on the same platform and have a sports design. The first is Luxgen7 crossover, which was released a year ago.  Luxgen7 is a large all -wheel drive car that is equipped with a high -performance four -cylinder turbocharged power unit 2. 2 liters that can produce about 175 liters. With. and 270nm torque.

The updated sports publication received radically new design. Experts installed a new front rear bumper, side pads and a new radiator grille. It was decided to paint the car in black, and roof rails, side mirrors, thresholds and part of the front and rear apron in red. Experts also installed new 20-inch alloy wheels shod in sports tires.

The second car in the back of the minivan has almost the same technical characteristics and the engine as the crossover.  Luxgen7 MPV Elegance also has a black body color, new alloy 20-inch wheels and a completely new interior design. Standard chairs were replaced by new with developed lateral support and covered with black skin, inserts for a nut tree in the central panel were installed, and an expensive multimedia system was installed.

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