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Tuning Audi S5 Coupe 2012 from Senner

by dnews7

Senner Tuning Atelier demonstrated a tuned version of the updated German coupe Audi S5 Coupe 2012 model year. Recall our readers that Seneer has already demonstrated a couple of years ago refinement of this model. The resulting project was called “White Beast” and was very popular among lovers of modernized cars. This time the tuners reached a perfect new model, which is equipped 3. 0 liter engine V6 TFSI.

The previous version of the Audi S5 Coupe was equipped with 4. 0 liter engine V8, if you compare the performance of two motors, then the new power unit produces 371 liters. With. Against 328 l. With., as you can see, the power of grown is pleased significantly. As for the modernized version, which was presented by Senner experts, the car received a new body body kit, an increase in power and also highly professional painting of a car in a pearl-white color was performed. The body kit consists of a new front and rear bumper, lateral skirts, which gives great sportswear of Audi, and of course it was not without a new set of wheels with discs painted black and new red brake calipers. From technical modernization, we note a new exhaust system and the presence of a new sports suspension. As a result of all the work done, the maximum speed of the German coupe increased from 250 km/h. up to 270 km/h. A tuning set, which also includes a carbon package of interior decoration and the steering wheel from the Audi R8, will cost the potential owner almost 13,000 euros.

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