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Transport infrastructure of Turkey

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The journey within Turkey itself can be carried out independently, the benefit of transport infrastructure is quite developed.

As for railway transport, it plays a secondary role in the country, since buses are better than transporting tasks. Moreover, on the most part of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea between Mersin and Selchuk, there is no railway communication at all.

The most popular mode of transport in the country is Dolmush and bus. Dolmush is a usual route bus with a fixed cost of the trip and stops on demand. Tourists often use taxis in which taximeters are installed. However, at night, you need to be prepared for a double rate.

As for the trip to Turkey by personal car, it must be taken into account that the distance from the Russian capital to the azure coast will be about three thousand kilometers.

Fortunately, for auto tutorists, special documents do not need special documents for crossing the Russian-Turkish border, but the corresponding mark about the machine on which the move is carried out should be made in foreign transport.

The driver must have a national driver’s license, international insurance certificate, and technical passport of the machine. The car must have an international standard number.

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