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Tuning Renault Duster

by dnews7

German tuning atelier specializing in the finalization of cars of the brand Renault (Dacia and Nissan, demonstrated the modified French crossover Renault Duster. A budget crossover from an unremarkable car turned into a very attractive city all -around. It is worth noting the fact that after modernization, the appearance of Renault Duster began to be very like a classmate Nissan X-Trail.

Experts from the Elia studio repainted the Renault Duster crossover body, installed the roof rails, replaced standard wheels with new with 18-inch alloyed disks also painted black. The cost of this set of wheels is about 840 euros. It is also worth noting that experts installed a new front and rear bumper, worked on the engine by making it more powerful and increased the road lumen. Recall our readers that the budget crossover is equipped with 1. 5 liter engine with 110 liters. With. For an additional fee, potential owners are offered to install new seats, a steering wheel and pedal overlays. If you are interested in upgraded cars, then you can find out in detail about car tuning on the Carshowtuning website.

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