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The government of the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan actively contributes to the privatization of state enterprises and creates favorable conditions for foreign investors. Thanks to this, over the past couple of years, a dynamic rise in the entire Turkish economy has occurred, as a result of which its competitiveness has increased in relation to other countries.

The main currency infusion is entered the country thanks to tourism. There are also many new jobs, which significantly reduces the percentage of unemployment. And, of course, new industries began to be created, without which it is impossible to do when servicing the tourism sphere.

In Turkey, agriculture is very developed. Here, 1/3 of the entire area under farming is used, and the country occupies an honorable fourth place in Asia.

Turkey produces and exports a wide range of products – these are grapes, oranges, sunflower, sugar beets, olives, wheat, barley. Also tobacco, lenon and cotton. It is interesting to know that Turkey, in addition, grows hazelnuts, the crop of which is 1/2 of the entire world harvest.

Another important part of the Turkish economy is food, sewing, chemical and oil refining industries. Here they produce oil, coal, and various types of ore. And due to the active growth of industry, accordingly, the consumption of energy has increased. Separately, the woodworking industry can also be noted. Indeed, in Turkey, forests occupy ¼ of the area of ​​the country and, accordingly, also play not the last role in the economy.

Due to the fact that Turkey has access to 3 seas (Aegean, marble and black) and borders on many countries – this contributes to the development of road, railway, aviation and naval vehicles.

The banking sector is another of the important economic spheres. Like the whole world, the issuance of available consumer and commercial loans, all kinds of consulting operations develops here. For the convenience of citizens, an automated payment system has long been introduced for a long time. Due to their stability and powerful support of the government, Turkish banks can safely compete with European.

Well, where is not not small and medium -sized businesses? After all, this is one of the integral parts of the Turkish economy and the state very actively supports it. There are small taxes and loans on preferential terms. True, this is only for production companies.

Fabrics, finished clothes, ceramics and almost all products of the automobile industry (80%) are exported. A special place is exported by the metallurgical industry. So all domestic manufacturers are supported and developed.

This is not to say that in Turkey everything is fine and there are absolutely no economic problems. But the state policy continues to go forward and develop the level of economics.

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