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Cosworth Subaru Brz Concept

by dnews7

More recently, information appeared on the pages of our magazine that the Japanese automaker Subaru is preparing a loaded modification of Subaru Brz Sti in a series. This time we want to please you with no less interesting news that the famous specialists from Cosworth have taken up the revision of Subaru Brz Concept. According to the reports, experts have developed a new transmission and engine for Japanese sports car.

New power unit in volume 2. 6 liters is able to develop about 330 liters. With. All engine power is directed at the rear wheels by means of a new 6-step mechanical gearbox with double clutch. The new engine will replace the usual 2. 0 liter power unit, which is installed at the factory, the difference in the power of the engines is about 133 liters. With. In addition to the motor and transmission, specialists from Cosworth also worked on the appearance of the Japanese sports compartment, installing new 18-inch alloy wheels, installing the adjustable suspension and repainting BRZ into orange. More details about Subaru Brz Concept from Cosworth can be found out on the upcoming auto show.

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