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Universal Hyundai I30

by dnews7

The South Korean company Hyundai will bring a new car called the Hyundai i30 to the Geneva Motor Show in the station wagon. According to the novelty, the novelty is 185 mm longer than the hatchback, that is, the total Dina of the Hyundai I30 universal body is 4,485 mm. If you compare it with the hatchback, then the beneficial space of the trunk increased from 378 to 528 liters, and if you decompose the rear chair, then the space will increase to 1,640 liters completely. The design of the car was carried out by specialists from the design studio located Ryusselhaim.

The front of the car compared to the hatchback remained not betrayal, but the back became more elongated.  Thanks to the large number of bends and lines, the station wagon does not seem boring, but on the contrary, it looks sports. According to a representative of the South Korean company, this car, like the hatchback, has a memorable and attractive appearance, for which the Hyundai brand loves, but with a more lifting trunk. As for power units, I30 is equipped with gasoline 1. 4 liter engine with a capacity of 99 liters. With. or 108 strong 1. 6 liter diesel. It is expected that the cost of the universal Hyundai I33 of the 2013 model year in Europe will be about £ 16,000, and the Korean car will appear closer to the end of this year.

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