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How to make yogurt

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Yogurt is a delicious and healthy product. Many of us prefer store products. But this is only because not everyone knows that you can make yogurt yourself at home. Moreover, it can be prepared both in a bank or saucepan, and in a special device – yogurtnitsa. Having learned how to make yogurt at home, you will forever forget about store products. After all, home yogurt differs from store to taste and composition – there are no preservatives and other harmful components in it.

How to make yogurt at home

To make yogurt at home, you will need milk and leaven. Instead of leaven, you can use several spoons of store yogurt without additives.

The main condition for the preparation of this sour-milk product is to maintain a constant temperature of milk during its propulsion, about 40-45 degrees. An equally important condition is the adjustment time – at least six, but no more than eight hours. To make yogurt at home, you can use glass or ceramic dishes, thermos. You can’t do it in aluminum dishes.

The quality of the yogurt made at home depends on the temperature of the milk taken for its preparation, the constancy of the temperature of the adjustment, the quality of milk and the starter.

To make yogurt at home, first, boil all the dishes that you will use to prepare it. Then boil milk. If the milk is sterilized, then it is not necessary to boil it. Cool milk to a temperature of 43 degrees, which is optimal for the growth of yogurt crops. At higher temperatures, useful bacteria will die, at a lower – the cooking time will increase or it will even turn out to be a yogurt.  If you do not have a thermometer, you can measure the temperature of the milk with a clean finger. The milk should be hot enough, but in order to keep your finger in it. After that, you can add leaven, stirring it in milk.

To maintain the constant temperature of the well -being, you can place it in a thermos, in a preheated oven or just wrap a saucepan with milk towels.

After four to five hours, you can check yogurt for readiness. If it has a liquid consistency, then you need to leave it to bend for a few more hours.

Ready yogurt must be cooled in the refrigerator, then add the desired fillers to taste – sugar, jam, syrup or fresh fruits.  

How to make yogurt in a yogurtnitsa

Making yogurt in a yogurtnitsa is much more convenient. Therefore, if you are a lover of domestic dairy products, get this device. The cooking process is quite simple.

First, prepare a container that needs to be washed and dried.

Take care of choosing milk. In order for yogurt to be real, you need to use only fat milk – above three percent. Boil milk, you only need to boil only sterilized. As soon as the “hat” is counted, remove the milk from the heat and leave to cool, degrees up to 45.

Then you need to add leaven. Many, in order to make yogurt, add leaven to each jar, but it is better to stir the entire volume of leaven in the common saucepan.  You can use special sourdoughs, or you can take a few spoons of a store yogurt (non -living!) without fillers and preferably without sugar. After you make several jars of your own yogurt, you can make one of the jars – Zakovskaya for the next batch.

Bay milk with a sourdough in jars, put them in a yogurtnik. Set the required cooking time (depending on your yogurt) programs). Remove the finished yogurt from the yogurt and put it in the refrigerator in which it can be stored for about a week. Add fillers to your own taste – and you can enjoy the delicious, and most importantly, natural product product.  

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