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Zandrypsh – and on ruins the new world will build

by dnews7

Five kilometers from the border of Russia, in the Gagrsky district there is a village of Zandrypsh. Until the sixth century, the principality of Sanigius existed and Zandrypsh was its capital. But the fact that active economic activity on the territory of the village led in the first centuries BC were found out by archaeologists in 1917. This was facilitated by the find of ancient bronze axes related to that period. The axes were called the “Pilenkovsky”, as they were discovered in the territory founded in 1868, the Russian settlement of Pilenkovo, which was already already merged with the zandryp. The village had many names, but historically its native name is Sauchi. Tourists will be interested in the fact that in the center of the village there are ruins of one of the oldest Christian temples of Abkhazia. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Prince Alexander Petrovich Oldenburg tried to restore the temple. It is very interesting that on the ruins of the temple several years ago they began to service. Every week now the father comes from GAGR for this. Eight kilometers from the village on the Hashupsa River will allow itself to inspect the well-preserved Hashups fortress, which was built in the 7-10th century. The environment of the fortress is extremely picturesque. Great pastime if you are tired of spending time at sea.

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